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About us
IQChem is a Swiss (Basel) private owned company focused in the supply of organic pigments, dyestuffs. IQChem Inc. was founded in 2000 comprising several senior executives from the specialty chemical sector with 25 years and more of experience. Since 2012, IQChem belongs to a group of companies acting in the trading of chemical specialities.

Core Business
Sourcing and marketing of best value in price pigments, dyestuffs. Our QC laboratory in Witterswil/Switzerland allows us to serve our customers with pigments of reliable quality. From our centralised European warehouse in Germany we serve the whole EU market and beyond with a high service level.

Service Provider
Screening laboratory for pigments: we perform standard QC tests for approval of each lot we import in EU. We also carry out tests for our customers. We help them to qualify alternatives to benchmark products.

Our Mission
To serve our customers with best value and sustainable organic pigments in the Coating, Plastics and Inks industries.

Our Strengths
  • Broad (managerial, strategic, and technical) R&D expertise in chemistry and chemical technology, especially in organic chromophores.
  • Extensive global networking and relationships with selected Far East producers
Our Tools
  • our worldwide sourcing network ensures a regular product supply
  • to maintain a constant "up-to-standard" quality, we have installed an own laboratory in Switzerland
  • experienced and successful marketing and sales network (direct contacts or trough sales partners in important countries)
  • European warehouse to serve our customers with just-in-time deliveries.
  • Small quantities get the same attention as big orders!

IQChem Inc.
Benkenstrasse 254
CH - 4108 Witterswil

T +41 61 721 95 40

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